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Me: - These are my sons.

Me: - *holds up photobooth strip of me and rachel wearing victorian style clothes and cheese hats*

Dad: - …

Dad: - …

Dad: - …

Dad: - I'm so proud of my grandsons.

Dad: - *hangs photo strip on refrigerator*

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12 people have deleted me as a contact because i wont stop changing my skype name

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Dragon Age: Inquisition gameplay video - 17 minutes of it!

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aeducanprincess replied to your post “people be like “oh but if you watched dawn of the seeker it MAKES…”

Hey remember that time Jack straight-up told you she’d been with men and women but was a manshep-only romance option? Cause I do.

remember that time in the beta ashley and kaidan were bisexual, straight in the final game and then in me3 only kaidan was a romance option for both sheps?

remember that time tali offered to link suits with femshep (the most intimate and trusting thing a quarian can do) and there were also sound files for femshep/tali romances in both me2 and me3 that were never used?

remember that time bastila was bisexual but only the male pc could flirt with her/confess love/kiss her in the middle of the storyline whereas the female pc could only initiate a romantic storyline LITERALLY RIGHT BEFORE THE FINAL BOSS BATTLE

remember that time dawn star was in a game where the other 2 LIs were bi but they HAD to have a straight girl for the cishetmale gamers

remember that time jack even in me3 expresses attraction to women (something on the lines of hating miranda but her having great tits)

remember that time morrigan expressed her disgust in men and thought women to be superior

remember when cassandra had the exact same reaction to either male or female hawke defeating the arishok but with female hawke it was “hero worship” and male hawke it was “a crush”

remember when

Can I just but in here?

there was plans for a Tali/Femshep romance in me2 but Tali’s voice actor became “too uncomfortable” halfway through so it was cut

but yeah rest is on bioware

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XI is basically like my favortie oc because I wrote him as a nonbianary person even before i knew what nonbianary meant let alone before I knew I was nonbianary.

I just!!! Uhg he’s great and I love him and I see so much of myself in him even though he looks like bakura from yu gi oh

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