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In-depth Dragon Age Ask Meme


ORIGINS: The Warden

  1. Character names, appearance and respective origins. (Backstory and more elaboration on their personal origin is optional)
  2. Class?
  3. What’s their personality like?
  4. What does The Warden do for fun?
  5. How do they feel about becoming a warden?
  6. How do they fill into their leadership role? Do they come to it naturally, or does it take them time?
  7. What was their usual team to take into battle. Why?
  8. What was their weapon/magic of choice. Why?
  9. Who in the group was their best friend? Enemy? How did they feel about the others.
  10. Who is their romance option/significant other?
  11. What major decisions did they make for the game. Elaborate on why.
  12. Did your Warden end up dying, or living?
  13. Were they a part of Amaranthine Keep (Awakening)?
  14. If not dead, what happens to The Warden preceding these events?

DRAGON AGE 2: The Champion

  1. Hawke’s name, appearance and respective class?
  2. Red, Blue, Purple? Mix?
  3. What does Hawke do for fun?
  4. What was your Hawke’s relations with their family? Good, Bad?
  5. Hawke’s favourite weapon/magic and why?
  6. Is their home Kirkwall or Lothering, or neither at all.Why?
  7. What was your Hawke’s relationship with the group?
  8. Who does Hawke typically take to battle with them?
  9. Who is their romance option/significant other?
  10. What happened to the remaining twin?
  11. What were the main choices in the game for them, why did they choose them?
  12. Did they try to understand the Qunari?
  13. How does Hawke handle their fame?
  14. Did they side with the Templars or Mages?
  15. Describe how Hawke feels about being dragged into all this chaos.
  16. What happened to Hawke preceding all of the events of the game?

INQUISITION: The Inquisitor

  1. Character names and respective race.
  2. Class?
  3. What’s their personality like?
  4. Who do you plan to romance with them?
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i know i’m going to get hate for this but

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I really ought to read the Codex more closely, I never noticed this before. So basically an ancestor of Cassandra’s was the only human ever to join the Legion of the Dead, was a hero to the dwarves, and if you play a rogue, you can wear some of his armor for part of the game. So cool.

i have literally been reading it as “the last decent armor” for the past year

this makes much more sense

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if bodahn and sandal show up in inquisition, I hope orana is with them.

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Looks like Fenris wasn’t quite able to get that stick out of his ass.

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Is this yellow lava, liquid gold, or melted cheese flowing from the ceiling in Orzammar? I’m very confused…

orzammar confirmed for worlds largest fondue bowl

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vivienne and dorian’s relationship tho


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Too Fake by Hockey makes me feel really sad for some reason

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the day i discovered you could overload gaurdian’s sheilds was the happiest of my life.

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So I will be gone for the next few weeks, so you’ll only be seeing my queue from now on.

If any new inquisition comes out (and knowing my luck it probably will) could someone maybe send me a message to my inbox so I know right away when I get back?